The Southsea Food Tour

Portsmouth, in particular Southsea, is celebrated for its tourism, history, art and sea front yet what about the food?

My aim is to eat at and review every place in Southsea that is a sit down food venue, including restaurants, cafes and pubs. My aim is to bring new recognition to Portsmouth for things we may not necessarily associate with the city.

The Southsea Food Tour will be looking at all the elements of eating out, including the atmosphere, venue and price. Yet without the pompous food nonsense. It’s for normal people who are just looking for a good place to spend their money and have a good time. Whether that is with friends, lovers or just on their own.

Join me on a journey to places you may or may not have eaten in, may or may not have heard of and places you may or may not like. Discover something new in Portsmouth and see the city in a new light, a delicious one with countless flavours.

Have a recommendation to where I should go next? Are you a business interested in what I have to say about you? Send me a message!

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